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      Complete and Hassle Free Vehicle Removal!

      We dismantle and recycle all makes and models of vehicles with Complete and Hassle free vehicle removal.

      Get up to $10,000 instant Cash!

      Our Wellington cash for cars team pay up to $10,000 cash for all types of vehicles.

      Same day Removal + instant cash!

      No matter where you are, our vehicle removal team will come to you to pick up your vehicle and take it away.
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      We sell all types of Car parts

      At Car Wellington Wreckers you can find any part for your car which you are looking for.
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      Call us at 0800649648  to book a free pickup and get instant cash pay for your unwarranted vehicle

      Welcome to Auto Removals

      Top Car Dismantlers & Auto Wreckers in Wellington!

      Wondering what can be done with your old and unwanted car? All you’ve got to do is contact All Cars For Cash, your best auto and wreckers in Wellington. Get top Dollar by selling your unwanted car, truck and van. Regardless of your vehicle’s make, model, its condition or the year of manufacturing, we buy it. Getting rid of your junk, scrap, wrecked or damaged car has now become hassle-free. Contact us on our 0800 number and get your vehicle towed away with our FREE car wreck removal service!

      #1 Van & Truck Wreckers in Wellington

      Experience easiest and fastest van and truck wrecking and removal service with our team of professional van wreckers in Wellington. Email us the complete details of your vehicle or speak to our representative. Our vehicle wrecking expert will offer you an exact value of your car depending on the details provided. If the price suits you and you wish to proceed further, our team would be at your doorstep to help you.
      A detailed analysis of your vehicle’s condition at a convenient mentioned place, whether it is in Porirua, Upper Hutt, Lower Hutt, Kapiti Coast or Wairarapa, would help secure a potential payable sum. After your approval, few legal documents would be signed for maintaining the authenticity of the services offered and the vehicle disposed. Not just this, we would pay you right on the spot along with the vehicle being towed away without you having to shell out any expense.

      What Makes All Cars For Cash A Trustworthy and Renowned Car Wrecking Service Provider?

      There are numerous auto wreckers sprouting up every second day but what makes us the most preferred choice as car, van and truck wreckers in Wellington are attributes and work ethics that we hold pride in including:

      • Authorized & Licensed: Having worked in the industry for years, we understand the value of being certified and licensed and its significance. With all the papers in order, we guarantee the car dealing services offered would be absolutely legal and will not indulge in any suspicious or detrimental activities in future.
      • Experience in the Industry: With years of experience in wrecking industry, we are familiar with the knick-knacks of the industry and believe in being resourceful for our clients. This makes it easy for them to garner information about the company and its work ethics.
      • Company Standing: Having worked as a professional and best auto wrecker in Wellington, Porirua, Wairarapa, Hutt Valley and Kapiti Coast, we have a reputation to swear by because of our sheer dedication, hard work and expertise in the industry.
      • Client-Friendly Approach: All Cars For Cash when put together stands for a client-friendly, an uncomplicated process and an apt wrecking yard for housing your unwanted and junk vehicle along with an assurance that your vehicle will be priced right.

       Cash for Cars in Wellington

      All Cars for Cash work towards offering a genuine value for your junk and unwanted vehicle by evaluating its condition, its make and model. Apart from the free towing away facility, out team of professional would ensure you receive best price for your scrap vehicle. After a thorough analysis of the factors, we will quote you a price and that too in no price.
      No matter where you are in Wellington, whether Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt, Wairarapa, Porirua or Kapiti coast, we will reach to you in no time and tow away your junk leaving you enough space for something new.


      See what makes Car Wreckers Wellington your best choice for vehicle removal and car wrecking services in the Wellington region.

      Professional Car, Auto, Van, and Truck Wreckers Wellington

      In case you are constantly seeking for the best approach towards making a good amount out of your unwanted and junk car, the idea seems like the best plan of action. It might surprise you to witness the ample amount of space created by selling the junk and how you can make the best use of the money made out of selling the scrap car. Your damaged or unused car standing in your garage or backyard is simply filling up space without raping any benefit for you. The ideal decision, in this case, would be to sell it and benefit with cash and the newfound space. At All Cars for Cash, we hold pride in being recognised as the best car wreckers Wellington.

      Our company ethics include serving the best to the clients along with helping them save their valuable money and time. All that is required from you is to inform us regarding your junk car via call or a mail and our professional and experienced professional will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

      Why Sell your Junk car to auto wreckers Wellington?

      It can prove to be quite tricky and expensive on the pockets to fix the car that has undergone numerous damages and technical and mechanical complications time and again. The question that however arises is what’s the need to waste your time and money in fixing these old and unwanted cars?  If your car is doing no good eating away valuable space in your garage, all you need to do is call us and we would tow away your car for free and you would end up receiving a good deal out of the junk. Our company and industry experts would be there to evaluate the car ad quote a price according to the condition. With us, you can be assured of receiving the best price quote in the industry so that you could invest the amount in either buying a new vehicle or making some other good use of the space and money. And this is one of the reasons why we are ranked as one of the best car wreckers in Wellington.

      No middle Man Involved

      Calling All Cars for Cash would give you an opportunity to avoid dealing with any middle man. This is one of the aspects why we love what we do and boast about being counted as the best truck and van wreckers Wellington. The modus-operandi includes the company professionals directly dealing with you, visiting your place to evaluate the vehicle, and quoting the genuine market price right then and there. This saves you from wasting an ample amount of precious hours dealing with a middle man. Opting for us would simply underline a much less complex procedure, since, by now we all would be aware of the nature of the intermediaries of making things and processes deem intricate and heavy on the pockets. Not just this, they would end up paying you much less than what you received.

      This is the reason why we prefer dealing with our clients personally and directly since we truly believe in making the car selling process uncomplicated for you. All you would be required to do is share the details of your car along with a few other important pieces of information. All Cars for Cash strongly believes in maintaining transparency between the parties. So, you can trust us for handling the process with the utmost professionalism for truck and van wreckers Wellington .

      When seeking pocket-friendly cash quotes, we can be your ideal pick in the Wellington region.


      Make the best out of our free vehicle removal service even if your car is nothing more than a rustic pile.

      We try to make the entire car removal process for you as stress-free as possible. Our cooperative team will happily answer each of your queries.

      We want to be an inspiration in recycling cars together with maintaining Wellington’s greenery. We ensure each recovered part is recycled instead of rusting and wasting away.

      Our expertise working on Japanese, American, European and other cars manufactured in Australia dismantle vehicles from high-end to mediocre.

      We believe in responding to clients pick up call as fast as possible. We aim at removing your vehicle and paying you the very same day of inquiry made.

      Why splurge somewhere else when you can opt for us?

      Why waste your hard-earned money on advertising your car when you can end up getting paid much more than you expected with auto wreckers wellington . No matter the condition of your car, whether it’s damaged, smashed up, has missing parts or has rusted away, the ideal platform to sell it away in a good deal is right in front of you. We do so by offering you the best industry price right on the spot. Not just cars, we also deal in vans and trucks. At All Cars for Cash, we constantly strive to better and ease out the auto selling procedure easier and hassle-free. Depending on the condition of your vehicle, after a thorough evaluation, we would offer you a fair deal in terms of cash. Not to forget, we procure the vehicles irrespective of their condition, make, and model.

      This is the reason we advise you to avoid splurging your money on advertisements since we can prove to be your best option in the industry for auto wreckers wellington . Simply follow a few uncomplicated steps and sell your car. Despite coming from a wrecking industry, we do our bit by recycling the car and its parts in the most eco-friendly way. Whether it is using the latest technologies or giving a twist to the conventional processes, we salvage the working parts that are in good shape and can still run miles. Wondering what we do with the parts? We sell these used parts at an economical price to dealers or clients who are seeking original second-hand car parts but can’t afford them because of the expensive price tag they carry.

      We are Ready with the Cash and Important Paperwork

      After our company professional thoroughly evaluates your accidental or damaged car, truck, or van wreckers wellington , we would quote you the deserving and best in the industry price quote and if agreed upon, would pay you right on the spot. All you need to do is, keep your vehicle ready to be towed away and eave all the rest to us. Everything, including the paperwork to cash payments, shall be dealt with and handled by us. This we do so that you receive the true value of your vehicle without having to wait for days or sometimes weeks, all the while worrying whether you’ve been duped.

      A Cash Quote so instant

      What are you waiting for? Simply pick up your phone and speak to our representative or visit our website to fill in the quote form mentioning all the important details. Receive a no-charge free quote over the phone and let us reach out to you on your location within no time. After cross-checking h details provided by you and the true nature of the vehicle, we pay you the best price then and there on the spot no matter the condition, make and model

      What makes All Cars for Cash Premium Car, Auto, Van, and Truck Wreckers Wellington?

      • Utmost Cash Guaranteed

      Visit or consult anywhere in Wellington and you will not receive a better quote than ours and it’s guaranteed.

      • No Compulsion to sell

      We don’t harass you with constant badgering and calling to choose us as your car wreckers.

      • Zero Cost Towing and Pick-up

      We don’t make you pay for the pick-up and towing charges. It’s on the house.

      • Sell your Vehicle in Minutes

      Selling your vehicle has never been easy before. The process takes a few minutes and it’s simpler and quicker than before.


      Our team remove your vehicle and pay you cash on the spot at our various service areas.

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      Truck Vehicle

      Wellington auto wreckers can handle it

      Light Commercial Vehicle

      We’ll take it off your hands

      Fully Damaged Vehicle

      We even take in if your car is damaged beyond repair.

      Larger Vehicle

      You can get cash for your vehicle of any size.

      UTE 4×4

      We remove any commercial vehicle from utes and vans.

      Environment Friendly

      We ensure any our process don’t affect our environment.

      Car Wreckers Wellington

      We dismantle and recycle all types of makes and models of all types of vehicles